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  • 1080P HD Fully Functional Hidden Nanny Camera Spy Writing Pen

1080P HD Fully Functional Hidden Nanny Camera Spy Writing Pen

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The 1080P HD hidden nanny spy pen is the perfect pen to record meetings, take notes, or to just add a little extra security around your house. The camera can also be used as an evidence aid by law enforcement, or with its functional writing pen, can be used to take notes. 

The adjustable resolution and frame rate means you can choose just the recording style you need to get the job done. Whether it be recording a normal conversation in high quality, or recording quick movements at a higher frame rate, this pen will have you covered.
Easy one button operation.  Press the top of the pen to immediately record digital video to the internal memory. Easily retrieve files by unscrewing the pen to expose the USB port and connect to a PC. Compatible with all operating systems. 
Compact built-in rechargeable battery. Delivers power for up to 1 hour on a full charge
Adjustable resolution and frame rate. Choose from 1080p @ 30 fps or 720p @ 60 fps for smooth high quality footage.
Easy settings adjustment. The included software program makes it easy to change numerous settings such as resolution, time, sharpness, contrast, and time/date stamp visibility.

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